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Monthly Utilization Report

     The Monthly Utilization Report is a free service provided by ShareCor. Through this service, hospital utilization data is collected, compiled and redistributed back to participants. Reports are typically available by the 25th of the following month. This timely collection and publication of data provides participants with a very timely picture of hospital utilization in Louisiana.
     This report tracks the following elements:
  • Licensed Beds
  • Staffed Beds
  • Acute Discharges
  • Acute Discharge Days
  • Acute Patient Days 
  • Medicaid Discharges
  • Medicaid Patient Days
  • Medicare Discharges
  • Medicare Patient Days
  • Total Live Births
  • Total Pediatric Discharges


  • Total Pediatric Patient Days
  • Total Psych Discharges
  • Total Psych Patient Days
  • Total SNF Discharges
  • Total SNF Patient Days
  • Total Rehab Discharges
  • Total Rehab Patient Days
  • Total CDU Discharges
  • Total CDU Patient Days
  • Total Long-Term Discharges
  • Total Long-Term Patient Days
If you would like to participate in this data sharing program or want more information, please contact us at (504) 837-6266. This program is only available to hospitals in Louisiana.